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          ABOUT US

          We are a new auto insurance company that is passionate about providing low-cost insurance to working American families. We take pride in knowing our clients and we understand first-hand the struggles that Americans face every day. This is why we are constantly adopting new technologies to help improve our clients' lifestyle. Our clients no longer have to go to an independent agent to purchase and pay their auto insurance. They can purchase a policy with their smart phones and pay cash at more than 10,000 convenient locations.

          OUR VISION.

          We believe that technology improves Americans' lifestyle. This is why we are constantly adopting new ways of improving our business model. We realize that almost 1 in 4 American families do not have bank accounts. So, we have adopted a technology that allows these American families to pay cash using their smart phones at more than 10,000 locations.

          OUR PROCESS.

          Today's American families have more than one job and not enough time to make their auto insurance payments. This is why we are committed to improving our client's lifestyle by saving them time when making their auto insurance payment. Our clients can purchase a policy using their smart phone and make a cash payment at any one of 10,000 convenient store locations anytime of the day or night.

          OUR APPROACH.

          Our approach is to combine insurance and technology. This is why we call ourselves an insuretech company. As an auto insurance company, our priority is to protect our clients. As a technology company, our priority is to improve our clients' lifestyle.

          OUR MISSION.

          We are an auto insurance company and our objective is simple: To protect our clients and improve their lifestyle through technology. Today's American families are busier than ever and 1 in 4 American families do not have bank accounts. So, we enable them to make cash payments with their smart phones at any time of the day or night.